For people to interact, create and consume content, and spend time learning about other cultures.

Livebeam is an international streaming, entertainment, and communication platform 


Our goal at Livebeam is to create a safe space for meaningful entertainment and quality time online. To do this, we’ve gathered a community of people genuinely interested in communicating with one another. We’ve developed features to help start a conversation with ease and, more importantly, keep it going. Members of the Livebeam community can be sure that others here share their willingness to communicate.

We ask all our users to act in a way that helps make communication at Livebeam a positive experience.

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Our Mission


Our mission is to build a place where everyone can express themselves and have meaningful entertainment. As a multi-national streaming platform, Livebeam presents a space for international communication, convenient online interaction, and creativity.

Here are our values and what we care about most:

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We keep an eye out to make sure the content people see on Livebeam is genuine. Authenticity serves as an excellent foundation for communication and creates a safe environment.

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Protecting personal data and privacy is very important for us. It lets people feel free to be who they are, choose how they want to express themselves, and make authentic connections with others.

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Everyone deserves to express themselves and discuss their ideas, emotions, and insights. We believe that at Livebeam, anyone can get their chance to shine.

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We are committed to making Livebeam a safe space for online interactions — whether it’s a stream to thousands of people around the world or a private conversation with a fan or a friend.